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  1. Becca & Danny are a couple that really know each other well.   During out first consultation together it was evident that they had discussed extensively their plans for their wedding.  It was great to see a couple working together and incorporating each other’s ideas in all aspects of the wedding.  This is exactly what I expect to see when I meet couples. 

    The colour theme chosen was a striking Teal Blue which they chose to pair with a cool white. The combination was fresh, exactly what you want for a summer wedding.

    Becca & Danny chose the Dior Bow Pocketfold invitations for their day invitations and they had the Dior Bow Postcard Invitations for the evening guests.

     Dior Bow Pockets collage  Dior Bow Evening Invitations Collage

     The venue for the wedding was Warley Park Golf Club, which has a beautiful wedding pier over the lake, an idyllic spot to exchange vows. 

    Becca & Danny were very open to ideas for their reception set up and we put together some great ideas to make the room pop. 

    I’m often asked to recommend suppliers and was delighted to be able to refer them to a brilliant florist. Caroline at the Orchid Rooms in Wickford really did create some beautiful bouquets for the bridal party along with button holes for the groomsmen. 


    As the ceremony was to be held outside, with the congregation to sit on wooden benches, Becca asked me if I could make some matching cushions for some of the elderly guests to sit on.  This challenge took me six months to complete but it was worth it.



    Continuing with the Dior Bow theme, the couple decided to have their seating plan on my light up tree.  It’s a great way for guest to break the ice and chat to each other as they searched for their names on the tree.


     Becca and Danny-477

    Becca & Danny chose their favourite pub names for the table names and again these followed the Dior Bow theme.

     Dior Bow Table Name Cards (3)

     For the place name cards, they wanted to double them up with the favours, so I made them scratch card wallets with the guests’ name on the front and a message from the happy couple on the reverse.

    Scratch Card Wallets (8) 

    Becca & Danny asked if I would set up the venue for the day.  I readily took them up on their request as this is something I don’t get to do often.  I enlisted the help of professional florist Claire from Bliss Flowers or Cranham to make sure that the flowers in the vases and fish bowls were displayed properly and placed carefully in the vases. 

     Becca and Danny-412Becca and Danny-405

    The pier where the ceremony was to take place was bedecked with white ribbons, and cute flower balls.  There were hand written signs directing the guests to the ceremony area, and cushions laid out in a basket for guests to help themselves too.

        Becca and Danny-251

     Becca and Danny-307

     Becca & Danny catered brilliantly for the children, they had fabulous Lego favours, colouring books, and so much more.   One of my set up duties was to put the cake together, a task I’ve not undertaken before.  It was a nerve-wracking moment, carefully placing the chocolate rings over the cake and placing them on each tier.  I guess I can confess now that the wedding is over, that I tripped and threw the chocolate rings across a table and somehow, they still survived!

     Becca and Danny-669

    To really light up the room in the evening the couple had the fabulous light up letters from Racheal at the Party Organising People.  They were a great statement piece to have photos in front of.

    Becca and Danny-712 

    I was lucky enough to be at guest at Becca & Danny’s wedding, it was a full-on day, at the venue in the morning to set up and then back again as a guest.  It was worth it though.  As a stationer I barely get to see the fruits of my labour, but to be able to set up and then be a guest and see everyone else’s reactions to the venue was fabulous.

    Becca and Danny-411

    Most of these photographs have been kindly supplied by the fantastic photographer, Jeff Oliver.  He really did do the wedding justice with his amazing photographs.  It’s always a pleasure to see fellow wedding suppliers in action and Jeff really seem to put Becca & Danny at ease and the love certainly shone through in their photographs.

    Thank You Card Image 

    Thank you to Becca & Danny for not only inviting me to your wedding, but to allow me to be so involved.  It was a pleasure planning with you both from beginning to end you are a really fantastic easy-going couple to work with.

    Here’s to a happy and healthy marriage.

    Becca and Danny-407 Becca and Danny-408



  2. As we are about to enter the final quarter of the year, I find myself looking back at the highlights of 2017. 

    As the wedding industry becomes more saturated with suppliers, I find yourself in a constant battle to create new ways of staying on trend and in the periphery of clients. 

    I had a new fresh brand designed to make Yours Occasionally more wedding centric.  I soften the palette from the red and turquoise and went for an ethereal feel rather than the boldness of the previous brand. 

    Logo Final Faded - Small version

    This year I also designed a whole new website from scratch and to say I’m pleased with it is an understatement.  I really want to move towards a more online presence which meant entering the world of eCommerce.  Therefore, the website now has its own shop and all my products are available to buy directly from the website.  I’ve also opened a shop in Etsy to attract a wider audience.

    Pocket Invitations Collage

    I took a good hard look at my designs and creations from over the years and a pattern emerged, there were clear favourites that I made repeatedly for clients, so I made a big decision to cut my collection right back to six distinctive designs, all of which can be customised to suite the clients’ colour scheme. These have been well received.

    I’ve been privileged enough to receive most of my work through recommendations this year, so it’s great to see that the YO’s great reputation is spreading.  I worked with a client in 2013 who then recommended me to her friend who got married in 2014, who then recommended me to her sister who got married this September, and the wedding of 2013 recommended me to her sister-in-law who got married this year also.

    Recommendation Collage

    I’ve been truly challenged in my bespoke work, by being asked to make some cool Tipi style wedding invitations which included a hand painted illustration of the church and a map of the area.

    Tipi Invitation Collage 2

    I have a regular client who has ordered party invitations from me since 2013, and who sets me great challenges to exceed expectations from the previous designs to wow her children’s’ friends with.

    Bespoke Collage

    I’ve also diversified into greeting cards, something I stopped doing in 2013, but decided to revive after I fell in love with drawing again.  I’m certainly no Da Vinci, but I think my love for drawing shows through in my designs. I felt compelled to design a whole range of hand illustrated greeting cards which are still a work in progress as I have so many ideas still to draw.  The cards are also available to purchase via the website and Etsy.


    Following on from the enjoyment of drawing the cards I have designed a range of hand illustrated Christmas cards, rather than sell individual cards, I have put together three different packs each containing four different designs.  Two sets are humorous and the third sticking to traditional Christian cards based on Christmas carols.

    Christmas Cards Collage

    Diversifying is a great way to keep up to date with current trends and demands and I look forward to bringing more products to the Yours Occasionally range over the next coming year.