Welcome to Award Winning Yours Occasionally Wedding Stationery. Every item is individually handmade, or hand embellished to designs unique and exclusive to me. All my handmade wedding invitations and other stationery items are designed, and hand crafted in-house. There are designs for you to choose from and add to your basket, where you will be able to select the ribbon colour, font colour, font style, and quantity. Alternatively, there is a fully bespoke service available to use. Yours Occasionally is a wedding stationer working on all kinds of weddings, regardless of size, shape, faith, gender, sexuality, or location, after all....

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needle & fred crochet

As you will have noticed, I have introduced my other small business into the fold of  Yours Occasionally.  I now also offer handmade crochet items for sale.  Every item made to order, where you can customise colours to suit your needs.  Crochet is a big love of mine, so to be able to turn it into a business as well has been a dream come true for me.  I really hope you like my products. Don't be afraid to spread the word if you do. 

INdonesia indah foundation

As a small business, there is no reason why I cannot support a charity within my business. I might not be able to donate thousands of pounds like large corporations can. However, what I can do is firstly raise awareness of that charity, then look into fundraising.

This year I chose to support the Inodnesia Indah Foundation.  Their mission is to groom environmentally-responsible citizens who play an active role in reversing the effects of climate change in Indonesia.

Their solution is to educate and empower the public in order to change mindsets and behaviours towards living more in line and in harmony with the environment, starting with each of us as individuals.


Order two keychains and get FREE postage.

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