Reception Stationery Information

Items You Might Need

  • Order of Service
  • Order of the Day
  • Reserved Seating Signs
  • Direction Signage
  • Seating Plan
  • Table Name Cards
  • Place Cards
  • Menu Cards
  • Favours
  • Thank You Cards

Those in bold are essentials from the list.

Table Number Cards

Seating Plan & Place Cards

How do we organise this?

  • Give your tables names rather than number to avoid unnecessary hierarchy amongst your guests.
  • Organise your top table as if you’re looking at it from the front and list the names from left to right.
  • Always include surnames on both seating plan and place cards.
Seating Plan

Table Name / Number Cards

What should we call them?

  • Give them names that mean something to you, such as holiday destinations you’ve been to together.
  • Avoid giving them names that are too long and complicated, remember they have to appear on the seating plan as well.




Table Name Cards

Menu Cards

Do we need them?

  • Menu cards are not essential for your wedding breakfast unless you are giving your guests a choice of meal.
  • They could double up as a place card and each menu can be personalised to each guests chosen menu, if applicable. 
  • However, they can be a great icebreaker for your guests, if you have put people together who don’t know each other
Menu cards

Thank You Cards

Why are they important?

  • It’s important that you thank all of your guests for attending your wedding. You also need to thank them for any gifts they’ve bought you. Remember you’ll receive gifts from people that did not attend your wedding and you need to thank them too.
  • Send your thank you cards out no later than one month after your wedding and make sure they’re hand written for the personal touch.
Romance & Roses Thank You Card

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