wedding invitations information

what information should you include in your invitations?

  • Who it’s from
  • Date, time and address of both ceremony and reception venue
  • Accurate postcodes
  • RSVP date (give them four weeks to respond)
  • Accommodation Details
  • Gift Details, such a money or vouchers
  • Transport Details, parking and taxis
  • End time, e.g. carriages at midnight
  • Food Allergy questions to guests
  • Send out three months prior to your wedding

What isn’t essential?

    • Printed maps aren’t necessary unless your venue is very difficult to find
    • Food menus if you are choosing the food in advance yourselves.
Pearl Passion Pocket Invitation

rsvp information to include

  • Space for guests to write their names
  • Tick box for attending/not attending
  • Food allergies/vegetarian/vegan question
  • Date to respond by
  • A return address
  • Do not give an email or mobile number

What date should we give?

  • Give your guests four weeks to respond, therefore, if you’re planning to send out your invitations on 1st January, then give the RSVP date for 1st February. This may seem like a short amount of time, but the less time you give, the quicker they will be to respond.
  • Chase outstanding RSVPs two weeks after the given RSVP date.

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