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Hello and welcome to Yours Occasionally.  I thought you might like to hear from me and learn a little bit more about me and what I do.  Be sure to check back for more videos! 


How are you going to achieve your goals? Having a positive mental attitude is certainly the way forward. 


Even if it was only a sample, it was lovely to have the opportunity to make this chequebook style wedding invitation.  These are ideal if you've got a lot of information to give to your guests.  The RSVP can be detached from the back and posted back to you.

wisdom Wednesday

 Wise words about marriage. 


Going back to 2015, I loved designing this stationery suite with the client. She wanted a festival themed wedding. All the stationery matched up.  The design colours were dusky pink and grey on a cream background. There were symbols and pictures that represented significant dates in the couple's story. This photograph is of the Order of Service.

funday friday

Think about all the great traits your partner has before you tear them down for one small flaw! 

prezola - the wedding gift list

If you are struggling to know what you do about a wedding gift list, whether you're asking for a toaster or just money.  Let Prezola help you bring it altogether.   It's not just a gift list for you to ask for items, you can coordinate a Honeymoon Fund, have cash contributions made to your account, you can book experiences to make memories or have your guests to donate to your favourite charity.  

If you'd like to find out more visit the Prezola website today.  If you decided to sign up with them, be sure to use the code PZAYDJVQCRA to receive £50 credit.  T&Cs apply.